The noetic bounce is about a human miscellany — history, philosophy, language.
Greek noesis can mean intelligence and thought.
It derives from noein: to have mental perception, and noos: mind, thought.


Naturally, the bounce is to suggest a relaxed perspective on ball games.

A principle as caveat emptor on written matter might deny fitness for purpose, therefore the reader is welcome to venture cerebral entanglement via the comment boxes below, should such be his or her wish.


The above are not to imply a warranty on the part of the author, who would not promote excess belief in insurance as in Webster Unabridged. Responsibility for content perception remains with the perceiver.



American Heritage derives common sense from “common feelings of humanity”, and one can doubt if such ever have existed. Wikipedia has common sense for a “basic understanding” we could reasonably expect of everyone. Sciences become extravagant.


Steven Pressfield’s Warrior Ethos tells we all fight wars, each of us struggles, this is our existence we need to justify, understanding if only within our own hearts who we are and what we believe. Ancient Greeks are absent. Nobody can take responsibility for the word ethos.


Certainty cannot be the major with neurology, as it is not with most life: the only absolute surety about living is that the future always can be in a way probable. Near-death reports yet deserve some neurology and psychology in the picture.


You would not walk into a pub to tell the people their wits are just illusions. You would make a funny impression or, dependent on your intonation and gestures, you might risk a response.


In love for up to a year, you have your nerves grow, says Wikipedia. That owing to adrenaline, which also can help make nice memories. Adrenaline is the exact same thing as epinephrine, the thing suspected in “voodoo deaths”.

Other places: The toolbox republic

Poland__Coat and color

Disclaimer: the “toolbox republic” is not to represent the name proper for the country. The correct name is the Polish Republic.


Pure nonsense remains cherished in Poland. Born in Poland — and no one ever has choice on the place — you cannot change your citizenship unless the President allows it, says a regulation.


In my opinion, the country needs to make sense on citizen rights, or the country does not make sense.


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